“Speak to me in the light of the dawn;
mercy comes with the morning.
I will sigh and with all creation groan
as I wait for hope to come for me.”
–Brooke Fraser

“Speak to me in…


“Carry me, Lord, carry me.
Take my heart into your hands,
for i don’t have the strength to stand
on my own.
And i know you won’t leave me here alone.
Carry me.”

–a daily prayer =)

“Carry me, Lord…

” O my child, i’ve heard you calling.
i’m a light in your darkness.
you can run to me.
And in the midst of your falling
i’ve been right here beside you,
just waiting for you to let go
and put your trust in me.
you’re of infinite value to me!
it’s for you that i laid down my life
so you could be free.
be free in me, be free in me,
let go, my child, and be free.”
–more from light in the darkness… =)

” O my child, …